The famous – Home Coming

As i return home today, I was reminded how as i young boy i would await the arrival of my father from work. There were long days and short days in his career so it was an absolute surprise when he arrived from work. There were always mixed feeling on his arrival, but like the pendulum it would always be full oscillation in one direction. That would make a great story for some other time, while reminiscing these moments, I could not help but enjoy my parental feeling of excitement up seeing my babies.

All the marketing about children is ridden with images of parents returning from home and the excitement while children run towards their parents for the age old hug, lift and rotate. I have done the hug, lift and rotate. It is a much harder exercise than the perfect images in your head. Either way we rarely take a moment to realize that the parent is also going through a large swing of emotions throughout his day. It could stem from contractual disagreements between clients and customers, a high from news anticipating a potential good job or even just the dryness of a mundane day. This parent in a moment of seeing that child is relieved of his day’s helter-scelter and emotional landscape. Today after a much challenging day i returned to my wife with a long face as it had been an emotional taxing day, as the door bell rang it was rather quiet behind the door. Any parent would think, many thoughts came through my mind. The roller coster continues, but quickly i hear a scream coming from behind the door. It quickly turned from a quiet hum to a loud whale. The door flung open and there stood my wife in her custom shirt, designed by Desgual and decorated by our child with special digested milk along with teething sliva. Before i could completly admire our childs handiwork i was led into the bedroom chasing a shrieking cry and a frantic mother. I took a moment to realize it was feeding time and with the meeting of the milk bottle and babies lips the room fell to a soft suckling sound.
Like the thunder that hits right before the lightening, i turn on the room light. It was amazing that in a few quick moments so many emotions could have flared then like the rain quickly brought to a calm suckling sound. I leaned in to kiss both my babies. In that moment i felt an unusual relief, like all things will be fine and love doesnt only resonate with a child running into their parents arms but also in the smile brought to the parent in anticipation of seeing their child. Very quickly we go through emotions daily, take a moment to reflect before a reaction because a thought of fright that occurs from a late response at the door might be no more then a little angel crying for her milk.

day not too sure, but prep continues

Today i finished another set of sentence correction problem sets, i dont like this type of errors as i dont understand them. It seems that all the long and painful sentence corrections fall under this section. onto the next section which is my favorite parallelisms. i am usually quick to spot them but i am learning there are more than 1 types of parallel, this section should be a breeze (cross fingers) hopefully.

I just finished travel through monaco and monte carlo, the sights were amazing and there seems to be a lot of difference between Monte Carlo and nice, its like someone too all the average people and put them in nice, while “he” took all the richy rich people and put them in monte carlo. The first night there was an abundance of skanky looking women outside the casino. It led us to believe that they might be out to earn some money. They crowds were really odd, different breeds of people without any one origin. Monte Carlo was like visiting a small russian town with french and arabic influence, but the food was truely french cooked by italians and served to rich and mighty with large boats. There were a few hours spent in Ese village which is close by with a beautiful view of the ocean.
Now nice, thats the kind of place every springbreaker should visit, there were lots of kids, cheap food and no shortage of beach and sun, sand and surf.

Well back to the pages of the gmat book, this was an amazing break allowing for my brain to take in some great sights and my mind off the GMAT.

This week hopefully i am able to complete the remaining SC questions and start on the RC section and complete it too. i HATE reading comprehension.

Till the next time i don’t feel like studying.

the gmat war begins

SO i am starting to prep for my 3rd attempt at the GMAT, this time its all hands on deck. Lots has changes since the last 2 times as i was consistently lazy and took out no time to really get dirty with it. Going to try to keep the post’s short so that i have an active track of what i am doing and this will help keep me honest.


In the last couple of days i have read through some of the types of sentence correction errors, and here are the topics and questions i have practiced. 


11th Ed Official Gmat Review:

Questions identified by the Manhatten Gmat sentense correction in chapters 

Subject Verb agreement (Chapter 2) – Mon 25

Verb Tense, Mood and Voice Strategy (Chapter 3) – Tue 26

Pronouns (Chapter 4) – Tue 26

Started by completing one print papers from the GMAT:

Test Code 14-final 7.6.06

Wish me luck


Singapore Oh Singapore

Had a great time when i went in feb and back in august. Now that there is family there, no reason not to visit lots of times. Just going to post some pictures later from the trip. Got to see a lot of really cool places and it would have been even more awesome if i took pictures everywhere but I didn’t. Ended up getting lazy and just taking the camera to a few places. None the less it was really fun. Got to see M and hang out with the family. 

Its really cool how many awesome things there are too do in Singapore. Here are my sources for adventure:

Information about singapore:



local tourism website:

local train:

taxi call service:


Places to visit ideas:

Trip advisor :

The travel guide:

USA Today:

(First times start here) Travel Channel:

Travel Channel:

Lonely Planet:



O my god the travel

Lately I have had a lot of chance to travel for work, oh my god the travel is amazing. Well it should be right!! Flights every week, service in cabs, bags from door to door.. Hotel makes you bed and does your laundry!! Wow!! Oww oww oww, the meals are amazing because you can eat where ever you want cos you are on a company dime. Fine dining, great travel and fee free living..

It started in Jan, a team of experts, excluding me yet including me.. Went to orange California to visit a plant. We were meeting and greeting, wining and dining with clients, our own shhinanigans at night and it was a great time. Hung over during the day making presentations on material that was prepared 3 weeks ago.. Who remembers any thing from 3 weeks ago!! We were and will be out there on a rotational basis for the year, basically the ground work for all the cray things that follow in the adventures section.

So the adventure of travel and the disillusion that it can be great.. Travel revolves and excels around the basis of it’s glam. “I am in Milan next week and Paris the week after” the part we all hear. The part that we miss is, I am flying 14 hours each way to work for 80 hours a week each week in 2 cities and even though it is the city of love or something like that I will see the insides of three buildings: the hotel, the airport and the office. Not so glam..

The basic issue is people I think need home time and alone time, weather you accept it or not, weather you are seasoned or a newbie everyone will want to go home at some point in their quest to satisfy their travel bug.

Well. Aim still trying to satisfy the travel bug and I am starting to see the urge for the home time. So this adventure post comes to an end without a bang but more so with a fizzle.

This post is in month adventure cos this is the adventure of Jan feb and march!!


Is the vegan diet really better then any other

So i steal this from a friend, he says coke and oreo’s on the vegan diet. Now i think that really is not the reason a vegan diet was designed to be successful. Lets talk goals and semantics. I did and finished the vegan thing for a month, maybe at some breaking points i might have taken in some tacobell. I mean the only thing that could come close to me breaking the vegan dream might have been the stock that might have been used to cook some dirty rice at tacobell. But the real value add was the learning of what exist in our foods. So all in all the goal should be to learn, the semantics are up to you.

We are a predominant meat based society, we love to eat our meat, every mean, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mean when do we quit. I am not much of a writer and don’t usually stick to much in life. But i will share this feeling that this vegan business is sure a solid eye opener. You learn so much about your body, your eating habits and your bodies food needs. If you have a little time, take a stab and try it.


Vegan October It gets Better

Once you have been vegan for a few days it gets easier. You find a few places that you can eat, a few things that are allowed. Go to the grocery store and there are some nice companies that put the Vegan right on the bag. Sure makes it a hell of a lot easier to find food.

So after a few days i think my weight has stoped dropping at a daily rate. Now that its platoed. and that is all i am going to say about that.

Alcohol definatly feels like it got cheaper, i used be be a tank and now i feel like i couldnt out drink a 14 year old kid.

I guess all in all this vegan thing is doable, its more challanging as a personal decision than a food choice change. People tend to always point out, vegan diets being one, outliers and we also tend to thus be forced to conform. I say everyone should be different and not just for a particular positive reason, for any reason what so ever like that famous answer to why, why not?